Western Wayne Schools



We make learning fun


We plan activities in such a way that our learners are eager to return to school each day.


We belong here


We make sure everyone feels like they belong.


We make a difference


We determine what progress looks like for each learner and work to make it happen each day.


We build confidence


We build strength and confidence in others to help them take ownership of the progress they make.


We work together


We work together to make things better.

About Western Wayne Schools

At Western Wayne School Corporation, we strive to make each student a well-rounded individual. We focus not only on educational needs but on their physical, emotional and social needs as well. Learning is not enough; we want our students to learn how to learn.  Our principles stem from these five pillars of success:  Joy,  Community, Impact, Empowerment, and Teamwork.  By utilizing these pillars, we guide students through their academic journey to achieve their own individualized definition of success.

We are excited to show you what we have to offer.

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My experience with the Western Wayne School system has been nothing short of outstanding. I am parenting two high school boys who struggled emotionally and scholastically in a much larger school system. Upon arriving here, we were able to take advantage of the auto mechanic's class and the new fire and rescue school which were not offered at their previous school. With their involvement in these classes, their grades and attitudes improved dramatically. The staff is enthusiastic, welcoming and involved. I could not be happier with our experience. Very proud to be a part of this school system and community.
Craig Pennington
They are an innovative leader in education. The exemplar’s they have established for all ages gives realistic goals and expectations to the students, parents and the community. The passion they have for their student’s education is evident in all they do. The partnerships they are cultivating with secondary educators, businesses and industries to ensure their students leave Western Wayne with a plan for their future is a model for success!
Lisa Dollar
Human Resources Manufacturing Specialist - Primex
As a Cambridge City resident, I appreciate the educational and career development options offered to students at Western Wayne Schools. Whether students are interested in pursuing 4-year college, 2-year college, military, career/technical training, and/or the workforce, the administration, teachers, and staff take a personal interest in connecting students to their gifts, talents, and passions. I love that students leave Western Wayne Schools with a plan for their success, adding value to our community!
Christy Tollett
Student Affairs Administrator – Purdue Polytechnic Richmond
I like Western Wayne Schools because of the environment that they have. All of the teachers actually care about you learning and the education you are receiving. With the small classes, the teachers are very close with each student and can take the time to answer each student thoroughly. It is also nice that you can get some college credits knocked out before you go to college. Western Wayne schools have other great options if you don’t see yourself going to college. You could enroll into the ag, machining, or automotive classes that they offer. Western Wayne Schools will help you be successful in whichever path you choose for your future!
Logan Bryant
Mechanical Engineering Technology Student - Purdue Polytechnic Richmond
I love Western Wayne Because . . . Of the positive energy, innovation, and forward thinking of the direction it is going. The district is doing great things for its students and community
Michael Swain
Director - Purdue Polytechic Richmond
The Administrators are genuinely interested in student success. They implement practices and strategies that make a difference in every child's life.
Community Member
They are student-centered and future focused.
Community Member