About Us

Mission Statement
Western Wayne Schools provides students with “opportunities to soar” within a disciplined educational environment that produces community-minded learners who are confident, productive, and prepared for a successful future.

Western Wayne Schools is an engaging, competitive district that maximizes student potential through quality academic and occupational experiences.

“Opportunities to Soar”

We believe…

  1. We are all learners.
  2. Learners can be successful under the following conditions:
    1. Their basic needs have been met
    2. They are able to understand their goal(s)
    3. They are willing to persevere 
    4. They are engaged 
    5. They have the time they need 
  3. Learning is connecting the unknown to the known.
  4. Teaching utilizes scientific and strategic processes.
  5. Instruction and learning activities should be student-centered (engaging, differentiated, flexible, and relational). 
  6. We have the collective responsibility to help all learners succeed.